The light-enhancing properties, air cleansing qualities and durability of authentic limestone plasters have long been appreciated as a building material. Our limestone plaster not only helps keep your home smelling clean, it is completely carbon neutral as well. And since you won’t need to repaint every few years, you are simply adding to the value of your own home or business while making a smart money decision, and doing the environment a huge favor.

Whichever rooms you choose to enhance with Spray-Stone-be it dining room, library, patio or entire home-it will reflect a new warmth and glow. Once you see it, you’ll agree, a painted wall is simply no comparison. Whatever color choice you select-and that can be any paint chip available enjoy the fact that you are using a product that will actually improve with age.


The glistening white villages in the hills of Greece. The subtle pastels of the French towns. The luminescent villas of Tuscany. Limestone plaster is a beautiful material, appreciated by the peoples of Europe for 7500 years.

And now, E3 Coatings, Inc is delighted to introduce a new way to enjoy the beauty of limestone without the costly investment of man hours previously required.

Spray-Stone is an environmentally friendly sprayable plaster that captures all the beauty and texture of plasters used by European craftsmen for centuries.


Spray-Stone is not only sprayable, it’s also easy to apply with no annoying smell or special requirements for application. As a result, Spray-Stone significantly reduces the overall cost of a project. By varying trowelling methods, it’s possible to recreate a variety of looks that can enhance many of today’s modern reinterpretations of classic themes.

Spray-Stone® Limestone Plaster

50lbs of white (untinted) thin coat decorative lime plaster. Product may be brushed, rolled or spray applied to a variety of interior and exterior substrates. A great ‘high-end’ finish for all residential and commercial applications.

Spray-Stone® Sealer 5 Gallon Pail

Spray-Stone Sealer is a matt ‘soft-feel’ sealer which adds a unique matted feel while adding color depth to the plaster as well as darkening most colors somewhat. Make sure to test by making a sealed sample of the final desired color before application.